Colleen Camp is both an accomplished actress and producer, who has a lengthy list of prestigious credits in both mediums. Her latest producing effort is the riveting suspense drama, ABOVE SUSPICION, starring Emilia Clarke and directed by Philip Noyce. She is also beloved and revered by A list filmmakers, who often won’t decide on their next project without Colleen’s valuable input. Add to that, she has been given another nom de plume as the “Oscar Whisperer,” since an endorsement from Camp can be game changing when it comes to Academy Award nominations. This incredibly connected Hollywood doyenne supports a few key films each season, hosting lavish events, chock-full of movie stars, studio executives, and Academy voters. Colleen is excited to be a part of the Robert Nathan Library, since she recognizes how Nathan’s masterful stories with fantasy/romance genres are perfect for multiple television platforms, and feature films.