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Wanting to impart more to his students than mere facts and figures, an aging schoolteacher revels in his last days of teaching in a quaint New England village.

New England schoolmaster MR. JEMINY lives with his housekeeper MRS. GRUMBLE on a hill overlooking a quaint village. The effects of a changing, post-war world lead him to impart more to his young pupils than mere facts and figures. He teaches them about great minds and writers, cautioning them not to put wealth above priceless values like fellowship and peace. The town’s people feel the kindly, erudite Mr. Jeminy’s teachings are outdated. As a result, they terminate him from his thirty-year position as Hillsboro schoolmaster due to “age” and hire a young woman schoolteacher in his place. Meanwhile, ANNA BARLY, the nubile daughter of Hillsboro’s FARMER and SARA BARLY, becomes pregnant with THOMAS FRYE’S child. Even though she wants to experience a “bit of life” before settling down, she decides to marry Thomas. Mr. Jeminy, mystified by his termination, finds refuge working as a hired hand at AARON and MARGARET BADE’S farm in a nearby village. Mrs. Grumble catches pneumonia waiting up all night for him. Concerned, JULIET WICKET, the young daughter of widow MRS. WICKET, is then sent to find Jeminy. Mrs. Grumble thanks Mrs. Wicket, of whom she formerly disapproved, for nursing her through her illness. She asks the widow to take care of Mr. Jeminy after she dies. Mr. Jeminy returns with Juliet, comforting Mrs. Grumble on her deathbed. He finds solace with Mrs. Wicket, realizing the young widow and her daughter give his life purpose and meaning.

“Its charm lies in the apparent atmosphere of quiet beauty in the little Vermont town, which was like the outer world full of cross currents of motion and ambition. ‘Autumn’ is a veritable bud of a story which one can imagine developed into a novel of some length and promise.”

Springfield Republican