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A young soldier on furlough from World War II is transported back in time, falling in love with his own grandmother.

Accompanied by a wise and thoughtful CHAPLAIN, CORPORAL HENRY ARKBESTER walks through rural Pennsylvania to his family’s home. On furlough from World War II, he is eager to see his parents and girlfriend EILEEN. Henry is surprised to find strangers living in his house which looks oddly different from when he was last there. When Henry is treated like a guest by his great grandparents, the stern and Godfearing IVY and ABSALOM, it dawns on him that he has gone back in time. Henry befriends his shy grandfather THEODORE, who can only dream of a better life but is bound by duty to remain with the family. Henry’s mysterious trip to the past is complicated when he falls in love with Theodore’s girlfriend EILEEN. The feeling is mutual and the two have a deep, spiritual connection which transcends time. Henry remembers less and less of his old life in the future as the ‘new” Eileen takes the place of his former beloved. In reality, Henry has died in the future. His spirit, now in the past, is able to intervene to help his great aunt, the young and naive BECKY, from making a terrible mistake, though Henry, ultimately, has to sacrifice his own happiness and life in order to save her.

“Mr. Nathan explores all the piquant possibilities which are inherent in his theme, and does so with his usual deft and subtle touch… Mr. Nathan is one of those writers . Aldous Huxley is one of them, and so is Scott Fitzgerald . who continue to surprise one by their technical dexterity. One forgets, between books, how good they are.”

Edith Walton
New York Times/blockquote>