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Jonah, the prophet, falls in love and finds heartbreak, leading to an intervention by God and his famous encounter with the Whale.

JONAH, a humble prophet living in the deserts outside Israel, returns to his hometown after the Israelites win a military victory made possible by one of his prophecies. While at home, Jonah begins to question his calling in life when he meets and falls in love with JUDITH, a young romantic woman of Royal blood. When told he cannot marry Judith, his heart breaks and his faith shatters, leading to an intervention by God. This results in his famous encounter with the whale. Confronting the innocence and pain of young love, “Jonah” is a touching and poignant love story interwoven with examinations of religion and faith . quintessential Robert Nathan.

“Nathan’s new novel is his best piece of work. In this story Nathan has managed to preserve the simplicity of the Old Testament and leaven the mass by as sly a twist of good-natured satire as ever I read.”

Laurence Stallings
New York Times