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In the 1930’s the Jews of the world, united by their faith, journey across Europe to the deserts of China where asylum awaits. Along the way they discover religion alone doesn’t make them the same.

Having been exiled from all corners of the globe, the Jews of the world make their way across Europe to the deserts of China where they have been granted asylum. Though united by their common faith, cultural, political, national, and economic differences threaten to divide them. As they endure the harsh winter, we meet several members of this large exodus, including a strong-willed woman in her seventies and her optimistic grandson. A radical communist is furious at the notion that the privileged in the group will continue to hold onto their wealth in their new life. The daughter of a conservative rabbi shocks her parents by falling in love with the son of wealthy, secular French bankers. Despite their vast differences and immense hardships, the refugees persevere. In “Road of Ages,” author Robert Nathan creates a moving and complex story of humanity, strength of will, and the enduring power of faith.

“‘Road of Ages’ so perfectly accomplishes what it intends, springs from so large an imaginative conception, involves such richness of material with so great an economy of means, is written throughout in so consistently fine a style that it deserves literary permanence. It is a vision of race that finally transcends race and becomes a great commentary upon humanity. It is one of those subtle and wise books, sometimes of an exquisite beauty, that makes one proud of the mind of man.”

W.R. Benet
Saturday Review of Literature