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A Sea-Witch tries to seduce a young girl with the promise of riches but discovers she is wise beyond her years.

A lonely SEA-WITCH keeps watch over two children young VICKY and her brother LITTLE THOMAS as they walk along the beach. Before going to bed one night, Vicky clings to her piggy bank, which she calls her “hope chest,” as the two children make wishes. The next morning they come true, thanks to a spell from the Sea-Witch. Later, after the children are finished playing in the sand, Little Thomas forgets his sand pale. The Sea-Witch brings it back to her sea cave as it is important for her to have something that belongs to the children if she ever hopes to gain power over them. That night the Sea-Witch casts a spell which wakes the terrified children. They make a run for it with the Sea Witch in pursuit. The children find a hiding place, and the frustrated Sea-Witch begins to cry. The children take pity on her and reveal themselves, offering a comforting hug. The Sea- Witch explains that she won’t do them any harm . she simply wants to play with them! This sounds exhilarating to the children so they accompany the Sea-Witch on a fantastic journey into the sea in a chariot drawn by twelve magnificent sea horses with the promise of seeing sunken treasures, exotic fish, and pirate ships galore. Little Thomas is excited, but Vicky is cautious and for good reason. The Sea-Witch’s true motive is to keep the children for herself. If she can seduce Vicky with promises of riches in return for her “hope chest,” she will have power over her forever. Surprisingly, every time the Sea-Witch offers Vicky something extraordinary, like gold doubloons, or beautiful pearls, Vicky refuses. She instead cherishes the things she already has, like the comfort of her parents, her favorite rice pudding and her mother’s good night kiss. Once the Sea-Witch realizes that riches will never seduce Vicky, she sadly brings the children home. With that, she gives Little Thomas a hug, kisses Vicky on the cheek, and waves goodbye. Many years later, it is said that any time someone kisses Vicky, it feels like a “breath from the sea.”

“The enchanting musical spells and the supple, graceful style have great beauty when read aloud. A beauty that is akin to that of Hans Christian Andersen, though happier in mood… It is truly a little master piece.”

M.S. Libby
NewYork Herald Tribune