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The lives of a widower and his two children are forever changed when they meet a mysterious woman from another dimension.

LEONARD, a widowed writer and single father, lives at Trancas (Malibu) with his two small children TRISHA and CHRIS. Still grieving over the death of his wife, Leonard’s life is forever changed when a strange, otherworldly woman named KATHLEEN saves his son from drowning in the ocean. After spending several days wondering about this ‘mystery’ woman, Kathleen suddenly appears, offering to spend time with his family. She moves into a small cottage just down the beach and, over the next several weeks, brings joy and ‘life’ back into their home. Leonard falls in love and proposes marriage, but Kathleen is unable to accept for reasons she cannot articulate. A short while later, Kathleen ‘disappears’ after they stage a wedding ceremony at Leonard’s house for one of his best friends. A fire sweeps through the area and destroys their beach cottage. Leonard and his children move away, sadly realizing that they will never see this strange and wonderful woman again. But, Leonard is at peace because Kathleen has shown him how to love again.

“Robert Nathan has created a particular kind of literary product for a particular audience. In a sense, judging his work is like judging a master rifleman’s. When ready, aim, fire has been said, he hits his mark.”

Edmund Fuller
New York Times