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Lucifer (The Devil) and his sultry female assistant crash a Halloween party in Manhattan with evil on their minds until he meets a mid-western farm girl and is completely seduced by her innocence.


It’s Halloween night 1949, and a bored LUCIFER checks into a posh New York hotel, accompanied by his beautiful and seductive assistant SAMANTHA. Lucifer is weary of collecting souls but is intrigued by mankind’s latest discovery . the ability to unleash the power of the atom bomb. Lucifer and Samantha end up at MARTIN and CATHERINE CLOUGH’S home for the biggest Halloween bash in the city. Clough is an important businessman, and prominent guests from all walks of life attend the party. SENATOR MCCULLOUGH, the politician, HENRY PENICK, the literary critic, MR. SUTRO, the movie producer, and MARY ANN BROCKHAUS, a sweet girl from the Midwest, are just a few of the attendees. While at the party, Samantha decides to set her sights on the male species as her hobby is to seduce men and steal their happiness. Meanwhile, Lucifer spouts his bleak point of view of the world to the guests until he meets the sweet Mary Ann. He is completely thrown when he looks into her heart and discovers she is totally innocent. He adores innocence yet is compelled to destroy it. Lucifer tries his best to tempt Mary Ann, but her innocence prevails and his plans are foiled. “The Innocent Eve” is Robert Nathan’s storytelling at its finest, a tale of lust, temptation, mankind’s ultimate resolve, and the beauty and power of innocence.

“‘The Innocent Eve’ says more than meets the eye at first perusal as [Mr. Nathan] tosses and turns over the assorted heap of humanity’s preoccupations, dreams, hopes, despairs, and disapprovals, on his poet’s two-pronged fork of pitying wit.”

Evelyn Eaton
Saturday Review of Literature