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With little passion left in his marriage, a middle-aged scientist begins having a series of romantic encounters with a beautiful young woman who he later discovers is his wife from another time.

Waking up one morning, middle-aged scientist EDWARD, our narrator, is dismayed to discover that he cannot remember what his wife’s face looked like when they were young. They have a steady relationship, but the passion has long since cooled. Though Edward is a scientist, spending his life exploring the mysteries of the universe, RUTH has always been the serious, stable one in the relationship. While driving to work, Edward gets lost in a dense fog and meets a charming, mysterious and idealistic young woman named CLEMENTINE. Edward isn’t sure what to make of the seemingly magical encounter . was it a dream? He bumps into Clementine on several other occasions, and they fall in love, often talking romantically and unrealistically about the life they will have together. Though Edward tries to forget Clementine, she continues to appear. Edward is torn between this fantasy and his reality. He can’t quite put his finger on the odd similarities between this vibrant young woman and his wife. Eventually, Ruth’s brush with death finally reveals to Edward the supernatural connection between the two women.

“Mr. Nathan is, I should say, at least at his tender best. Whimsical enough, stepping neatly over the line into fantasy and then back again at will, romantic in Mr. Nathan’s own special sense, this is a short novel that will make its friends by the thousands.”

J.H. Jackson
San Francisco Chronicle