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Two angels, a beautiful hooker, an unhappy headwaiter and a casino heist play out in the bright lights of Las Vegas.


Two angels ST. ODULE and BLESSED PIERRE travel to Earth to preach love. The angels’ destination is Geneva, but inexplicably they end up in the desert near Las Vegas. They find refuge in a broken-down barn and meet an old “madam” named MARIA and her much younger cousin, “prostitute” CONCHITA. Conchita is in love with her one and only customer MR. TEARGARDEN, the headwaiter at The Winds Hotel. Teargarden adores Conchita’s company but is more at ease with the “socially acceptable” ROSE who works as a hostess. The two saints contemplate how to get to Geneva when they hear Conchita singing to the desert sky. This sparks an idea! They will manage her career and make enough money to travel to Switzerland. En route to Vegas to buy Conchita a new cocktail dress, Pierre meets MR. GELFE who, we discover, is ‘casing’ The Winds Hotel for a Christmas Eve robbery. Mr. Gelfe offers to promote Conchita as long as Pierre brings all his friends to the casino on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, St. Odule comforts Conchita about her relationship with Mr. Teargarden and suggests that she pray for guidance. Christmas Eve comes and all our characters are at The Winds Hotel. Without warning, the casino robbery is on. The two saints are horrified at their own stupidity and pray for retribution. While guns are blazing and hotel guests are screaming, the enchanting Conchita slowly and confidently walks to the stage and begins to sing a Christmas carol. The hysteria settles down as everyone is transfixed by Conchita. Then, suddenly, the casino roof peels open, and angelic reinforcements arrive to save the day. Later on, no one remembers what happened except a crowd of tourists outside who “thought” they saw “Flying Saucers?” In the end, our two saints are back in Heaven, knowing that they may not have saved mankind, but they did have a hand in bringing two people together. The Winds Hotel is now the hottest spot on the strip, with the enchanting Ms. Conchita Teargarden headlining nightly

Public Domain in US only. Nathan Rights holder controls film & television rights worldwide, as well as publication rights outside the US.

“Handsomely bound and printed, charmingly illustrated by George Salter, ‘The Rancho of the Little Loves’ will delight Mr. Nathan’s host of admirers, and for readers who have yet to discover him (if there are any) it should serve as a perfect introduction.”

Dan Wickenden
New York Herald Tribune