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A teenage brother and sister flee post war Europe and begin a new life in America, finding romance along the way.

It’s post World War II, and nineteenyear- old LOUISA and her younger brother JERI have fled from Eastern Europe after their parents were killed. They now live in an old boat, beached on Cape Cod, thanks to the generosity of a local couple, the BAGHOTS. A frustrated local college professor RICHARD SMITH purchases a boat to escape his lonely and unfulfilled life. He, instead, crashes it onto the beach not far from Louisa and Jeri. Romantic feelings between Richard and Louisa begin to develop even though neither one thinks the other is interested. Meanwhile, Jeri begins a tentative romance with MEGAN, the niece of the Baghots. Robert Nathan crafts a tender and touching tale of the rapture and innocence that come with the discovery of first love.

“The Sea-Gull Cry’ tells a tale that will hold you until the last page is turned. It will hold you because of Nathan’s rare art of drawing you into his own mood of tender contemplation of human beings and because you cannot let them go until you know what happens to them… And you will decide that this is more than a tender little love story exquisitely written; that it is a tale of exile and valor and spiritual rebellion that has more than surface significance.”

Rose Feld
New York Times