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After mourning the death of her father, a young woman finds love for the first time.

METABEL ADAMS, the young girl from “A Fiddler in Barly,” is now sixteen when her father, the town accountant, suddenly dies. While mourning his death, Metabel goes for a walk with her canine companion MUSKET and comes across a woodcutter’s house in the forest of Hemlock. There she meets an amiable, non-ambitious young woodcutter JOSEPH and his somewhat disapproving UNCLE HENRY. Henry wishes Joseph were motivated and more successful. Metabel moves in with them and soon begins to fall for Joseph, despite the looming threat of wealthy young PRISSY DEAKON who has designs on Joseph as well. Metabel also meets a curious young forest dweller SMALL GOD who is also quite fond of Joseph. Will Metabel’s love change Joseph’s endearing qualities? Once again, Robert Nathan examines the joys and heartbreak of young love and paints a touching portrait of two young lovers whose feelings for each other are put to the ultimate test.

“Robert Nathan is a law unto himself. Like the little green man, the deity of good humor, who takes control of his fable, he is something of a minor god. He creates his own world (though perhaps it is too quaint and sylvan and unworldly to be called a world), and people it with wasps with beetles with mice and with dogs that love to talk… There are thousands of writers who can tell a story of how a girl fell in love with a boy, but how many can create engaging May-bugs and beetles? You can count ’em on one hand.”

New York Times