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Three men en route to the afterlife find that the path to Heaven can be a rocky road filled with unsuspected surprises.

Three men meet crossing the River Jordan as they journey toward the afterlife. GEORGE WUTHRIDGE, an aging professor, is looking forward to seeing his mother who died when he was a young boy. WILLIAM MEIGGS is an eighteen-year-old boy, and MR. LEWIS was born Jewish but converted to Protestantism. All three men discover that this “Heaven” leaves a lot to be desired. Mr. Lewis is unable to find any relatives or family members. George is annoyed at his mother MATILDA for creating a rivalry between her husband and another man who childishly vie for her affections. William discovers that his mother EMMA is as ineffective a parent in death as she was in life. The men are upset. The sterile tone of the afterlife is devoid of passion though, in the end, Mr. Lewis does learn of genuine faith. With his unique blend of whimsy, in “There Is Another Heaven” Robert Nathan creates a thoughtful, and sometimes satirical, examination of faith, family, and spirituality.

“In it we still admire the charm with which he imbues his prose: the combination of subtlety and simplicity which makes his style at once so clear and yet so expressive of deep mutations; yet it is not for these, primarily, that ‘There Is Another Heaven’ gives us such keen enjoyment. That enjoyment comes from the mood which, with delicious irony, gives color and substance to the most prevalent craving in human experience.”

Boston Transcript