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As war rages, a mother and her two young children find inner strength and courage as they struggle on their perilous journey to safety.

War is raging. As enemy forces rapidly approach, a family, carrying their life belongings, flees, joining hundreds of other refugees. PAUL, an eleven-year-old boy, travels with his widowed, weary MOTHER and his four-year-old sister MARIE ROSE. Struggling to survive on their dwindling provisions, the family picks up SYLVIE, a young girl Paul’s age who has no family of her own. As enemy planes bomb the countryside, Paul and Sylvie are separated from the others and romantic feelings develop between the two. Meanwhile, Paul’s mother heroically searches for her lost children, overcoming her own fears and insurmountable odds. They reunite and continue on their journey. Robert Nathan has written a powerful tale of courage and heroism, family and strength, interwoven with his signature exploration of the innocence and joy of young love.

“Robert Nathan has written his most realistic book, and struck chords of universal resonance with his most moving simplicity… It is touched with the idyllic beauty, lightened with the smiling normality, made challenging by the reflective thought which belong to all Robert Nathan’s best work; and its resonance is of innate human hope and the recognition of human brotherhood.”

Katherine Woods
New York Times