The film “Color of Evening” was made in 1994 starring Martin Landau & Ellen Burstyn.

An old artist falls in love with a young girl who leaves him for a much younger student but eventually finds happiness with a sensible middle-aged landlady.

An old, sophisticated and romantic artist, MAX LOEB’S life changes when he meets HALYS SMITH, a young girl on the beach, and invites her to move in with him. As the artist’s young student JON KUZIK grows jealous of this new arrangement, Max surprisingly finds himself falling in love with the young woman who thrives on his material and spiritual generosity. However, things fall apart when Max decides to ask for Halys hand in marriage just hours before she mysteriously disappears. A few days later Jon meets Halys on the beach and asks her to marry him. Surprisingly, she says yes, and they exchange vows the next day during a trip south of the border. Over the next several weeks Max gets over his loss, falls in love, and marries HERMIONE BLOMENDAL, his sensible middle-aged landlady. Meanwhile, the young couple’s relationship begins to crumble over issues of unemployment and financial difficulties. Just when they reach rock bottom, Jon and Halys are saved when MAX and HERMIONE allow them to move into his former studio where they begin to repair their relationship and get their lives back on track.

“In Nathan’s words there is the essence of the craving of age for lost youth, of youth’s call to youth, of the stultifying power of circumstances. The novel is beautifully written. For those who do their dreaming in their waking hours, it is a subtle, delicate, charming story of love.”

-Fanny Butcher
Chicago Sunday Tribune