Jeffrey Byron admits he is a lucky man. “I was blessed with two incredible parents, who were iconic figures and also happened to be extraordinary people.” Byron’s mother was British actress ANNA LEE, who made over 90 films – including “How Green Was My Valley” and “The Sound of Music.” She was also a Soap Opera legend, playing “Lila Quartermaine” on GENERAL HOSPITAL for twenty-five years. She was ninety years young when her last contract was up.

His stepfather was legendary author, ROBERT NATHAN.  Nathan was one of the most prolific American novelists of the 20th century having written over fifty pieces of literature that include novels, poetry and plays. He also had five novels made into films, including two Academy Award winners. THE BISHOP’S WIFE and PORTRAIT OF JENNIE garnered seven nominations, and two wins. Byron’s recollections of Nathan are a loving testament. “He was the finest man I ever knew. Kind beyond words, and with a sharp wit and intellect. He was the most important male figure in my life.”

As a result – Jeffrey is excited and inspired to introduce the works of Robert Nathan to a new generation. He is the owner and rights holder of the entire ROBERT NATHAN LIBRARY, which contains over 46 available titles.

The newest venture is the reissuing of Robert Nathan Novels as EBOOKS. “I am confident that young and old readers will embrace Robert Nathan’s literary genius. His stories have a timeless quality to them and the books are a short and brisk read.” Robert Nathan’s eBooks are currently available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.

Jeffrey and his partner, COLLEEN CAMP, are currently developing several Nathan novels, including JULIET IN MANTUA and STONECLIFF. 

I guess you can say that show business has been in Jeffrey’s blood…literally. Besides the aforementioned Anna Lee and Robert Nathan, Jeffrey’s godfather was the legendary film director JOHN FORD.