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By Andrew ‘Fish’ Fain

Believe it or not, there was a time in America when men went to work all day, and a woman took care of the house. Both jobs were equally arduous and difficult, but the roles were defined and that’s just how it was. Some say, it was a better time in this country because there was always at least one parent home to help raise any children. The term “latch-key kid” had absolutely no meaning. Women’s rights may have leveled out the playing field to a certain extent, but it seems back then was a simpler time.

Robert Nathan’s novel “Mr. Whittle and the Morning Star” takes you back to that time, and plops you right down in the middle of it. So much so, you can almost smell the Honeysuckle as you read his enrapturing words.

It is the story of Mr. Robert Whittle, a history professor at a local college, who fears that the end of the world is right around the corner. He believes that while man has evolved from the caveman, he has devolved into thinking that empires are bigger than people, and the quest for world domination will lead to us all exploding.

Of course his faithful wife thinks he is just being dramatic, while his 12 year old daughter thinks he is just silly. But, Mr. Whittle is convinced that the world is going to end.

After fighting with his wife one night, Mr. Whittle finds himself in a debate with God about the fate of the universe.
Without giving it away at all, the end of the story sees Mr. Whittle finally come to terms with what has been going on.
It is a brilliantly written piece that is full of shocking turns, including a finish that will have you thinking about what it all means, and by it I mean life, not the book.

Mr. Nathan does such an amazing job of making you feel like you are right there with Mr. Whittle, you almost want to dash under the covers while the thunder strikes, and grab an umbrella to keep dry as it rains.

He paints a picture that leaves just enough to the imagination that you get to decide which color to use. It is another in a long line of brilliant works by Robert Nathan.

So while the price of everything seems to rise, for a mere $2.99 you and your reading device can be immersed into a time and place when life was much simpler and roles much more defined. It costs less than a gallon of gas, and will make you travel a lot farther. There is no question if you enjoy good literature, that this is a gem from the incredible library of Robert Nathan.