The film “One More Spring” was made in 1935 starring Janet Gaynor.

Two homeless men and a woman take refuge in an old shack in Central Park during the great depression and learn about friendship, love, and compassion.

With nothing in common except their mutual destitution, JARED OTKAR, a failed antiques dealer, and NORRIS ROSENBERG, a neurotic, eccentric yet aspiring musician, together move into a shed in Central Park. It is the time of the Great Depression and the two eke out a meager living. Rosenberg begins giving violin lessons while Otkar tends to their home and prepares meals, many of which are stolen. As the weather turns cold, ELIZABETH CHENEY, also homeless and alone, joins Otkar and Rosenberg. Elizabeth’s presence causes friction between the two men. Otkar slowly falls in love with her as all three remain in the crowded shack during the harsh winter months. As the season wears on, our trio becomes involved with MARY SWEENY and SHERIDAN. Mary hires Rosenberg to teach her husband the violin, and Sheridan, a failed bank president, is saved from a suicide attempt by the kindness of Elizabeth. Author Robert Nathan, tells a poignant tale of humanity and friendship and of the triumph of love and compassion even in dire circumstances.

“His rueful irony, his playful sadness, his flavored melancholy . whatever it is that makes him unique among modern American novelists . has never shown to better advantage than in this gentle story of the depression. ‘One More Spring’ is unique in the literature of the ‘social conscience;’ it achieves all the values of the human document that does not blink the harsh facts, yet it does so without taking leave of fantasy and imagination.”

– John Chamberlain
New York Times