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In this collection of poems, Robert Nathan speaks with clarity and force of things close to the heart of man, today and always, of his relation to the universe, and of love. Those who know him only through his novels will discover such a poetic gift as only he could possess.


Ethiopia Aye, lift the sword that once in Pompey’s hand Carved from the south the granaries of Rome, And let old Tiber, rolling in his sand, Bear to the sea an even angrier foam. Now is a darkness gathered on the deep, And all the winds are hurrying to war; The thrush of peace is silent in her sleep, The lark of liberty will sing no more. O Ethiopia, O lonely ground, Where lies the lion of your freedom now? The vultures gather with a greedy sound, Alert and hungry on the empty bough. Awake, you poets! Drowsy-headed throng- If freedom dies, you will not sleep long!


“A deeply and genuinely moving book, either of prose or poetry, is an increasing rarity. ‘A Winter Tide’ is just this, and it should be both solace and challenge to many troubled people. It is a courageous thing to write down in black and white that the natural world is still incredibly beautiful and significant. It is even more brave to declare one’s faith in God. Mr. Nathan does both is as simple and direct a manner as a child.”

Springfield Republican