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Wanting to impart more to his students than mere facts and figures, an aging schoolteacher, MR. JEMINY revels in his last days of teaching in a quaint New England village. His teaching style is influenced by the changing, post-war world views and lead him to discuss great minds and writers and cautioning his students not to put wealth above priceless values like fellowship and peace. The town’s people feel that Mr. Jeminy’s teachings are outdated, and he is unfairly fired after a tenure of more than thirty-years. Shaken and disappointed, Mr. Jeminy has to find a way to rebuild his life in his twilight years.


“Its charm lies in the apparent atmosphere of quiet beauty in the little Vermont town, which was like the outer world full of cross currents of motion and ambition. ‘Autumn’ is a veritable bud of a story which one can imagine developed into a novel of some length and promise.”

Springfield Republican