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Alarmed by all the violence on Earth, Heaven and Hell send emissaries to New York City to study the situation and find a solution. The angel takes the form of a woman named SOPHIA, while the devil’s earthly disguise is a man named BUCKTHORNE. They meet in Central Park and are driven around in a carriage by MICHAEL GEORGE, an old writer. Sophia and Buckthorne quickly fall in love which prompts their aggravated superiors to call them home, but not before Buckthorne gets a blood sample from a multiple murderer. He discovers it contains a virus called the MEGAS FACTOR. It is determined that the “virus” causes megalomania in humans which results in violence. With this new information, Buckthorne and Sophia are allowed to return to earth to help find a cure.



“It takes a magician like Robert Nathan to bring off such a situation as we find in his new novel ‘Heaven and Hell and the Megas Factor.’ An angel from heaven and a demon from hell, each sent to earth to cope with the Armageddon erupting here, falling in love, marrying, and solving the problems of this troubled planet… I can’t give away the ending, nor will I, the only power lies in the minds of those who are moved by this fable. That is the real lesson of this magical tale which entertains and compels us to reflect.”

Robert Kirsch
Los Angeles Times