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TAPIOLA, a spoiled Yorkshire terrier living in Manhattan runs away from his owners posh NY apartment to seek out adventure. Along the way he meets RICHARD the Canary, who has dreams of being an Opera singer, and JEREMIAH the “wise” RAT, and the three team up, seeking out other animal friends, who are more worldly and have a master’s degree in street “cred.”  The journey awakens Tapiola to the challenges of life, and when his adventure winds down, Tapiola has a new appreciation for the comforts of his own home.


This novel is available to read as an eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.


“It’s hard to sum up a LaFontaine fable or one of Mr. Disney’s masterpieces… So it is with Robert Nathan’s latest book, ‘Journey of Tapiola.’ It is the subtle underlying implications that count in this fantasy… This book like it’s hero, is small but remarkable.”

R.C. Benet
Saturday Review of Literature