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In the midst of a Cape Cod autumn, aging novelist, THOMAS BAGGOT meets two mysterious women. An older one, EMMELINE, who hides a dark secret from her past and a younger one, MIA, who holds the key to this puzzling mystery. In the stirring conclusion, the truth is unveiled. Both women are, in fact, one in the same.


“There is no avoidance in Nathan’s approach to life. He knows grief, violence, disease, mystery. But he knows they are not all. What he seeks is meaning at the base. And, in ‘Mia,’ he has achieved it, a certain and fearless wisdom… Beautifully written, deeply felt, this is the work of a novelist whose growth has never stopped, whose belief that there is more than the simplistic solution now offered gives him a quality and stature enviable in these either/or days.”

Robert Kirsch
Los Angeles Times