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In the 1930’s the Jews of the world are exiled to Northern China, and the Gobi Desert. This is the story of their odyssey, of how the characteristics of generations come out, regardless of the tragedy that has befallen them. Petty quarrels, love, friendship, birth, death, marriage, ambition, plans for a future capitalistic state, plans for a communistic state, riots, all and more, are compact in this tragic story. There is relief in moments of rare beauty, in flashes of cynical humor, in insight into humanity at its best and worst. Austria, Poland, Russia, Asia — the weary march takes its toll on human endurance.



“‘Road of Ages’ so perfectly accomplishes what it intends, springs from so large an imaginative conception, involves such richness of material with so great an economy of means, is written throughout in so consistently fine a style that it deserves literary permanence. It is a vision of race that finally transcends race and becomes a great commentary upon humanity. It is one of those subtle and wise books, sometimes of an exquisite beauty, that makes one proud of the mind of man.”

W.R. Benet
Saturday Review of Literature