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A young aspiring writer, MICHAEL ROBB, travels to the California coastline to do a biography on legendary novelist EDWARD GRANVILLE, a recluse who has not been seen in many years. While there, Michael is mystified that Granville’s wife (and muse) ┬áVIRGINIA is nowhere to be found, and in her place, he meets a young, beautiful, and mysterious woman named NINA. He finds out that she lives on the estate, but what is her relationship with the much older novelist? And who are the unfamiliar voices that haunt the corridors at night? And to what strange encounters do Granville’s nocturnal walks lead him? All these events stir Michael’s imagination, and he ponders the unthinkable: Does the iconic author have the uncanny ability to bring his fictional characters to life?


Note: STONECLIFF is currently in advance film development, and the approach is darker and more forbidding. A thriller where ‘Rebecca’ meets ‘Shutter Island.’

This novel is available to read as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.


“This is a daring accomplishment, and yet characteristic of the courage and imagination which always mark Nathan’s work. If he is not the most neglected of our great writers, surely not enough readers have been initiated into the circle of his magic… This novel, as all enduring novels, may be read on every level from entertainment to prophecy. It will, I am certain, bring many new readers to this great storyteller, to find in his novels a world celebrating tenderness, love, mystery and the sorcery of the creative mind.”

-Robert Kirsch
Los Angeles Times