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On a trip to England, ROBERT IRWIN, a lonely history professor explores Stonehenge, where he meets the ethereal, and mysterious NINIANE. The enchanting beauty casts a spell on him, which evokes mythological figures in Robert’s mind. Soon after they become lovers, before something remarkable happens. Inexplicably, they travel back in time, meeting all the legendary historical characters he has idolized along the way.



This novel illustrates Nathan’s fascination with the element of time, and his belief that love is immortal and hence transcends the bounds of human kind mortality on earth.


“The familiar Nathan magic is at work once again in this gossamer tale… A line from the book speaks of another novelist who created his characters out of fog and rain and flowering bushes… and love and memory. True also of the creator of this gentle, poetic story which has the sentimental appeal of an old ballad. Highly recommended.”

A.C. Ringer
Library Journal