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Henry Pecket, a Bronx carpenter is a self-proclaimed failure whose one escape into a dream world comes through the imposed background of the small sailboat he has built for himself in his own drab front yard. When his wife demands results, and sells it as a hot dog stand, he takes one last stand — and Fate plays into his hands, when a windy storm launches the ship on the high road of adventure, and southward bound. He picks up a ‘crew’ as rudderless as himself, and they make their way against insuperable obstacles until the adventure is over, and Henry has much to wonder about…His life, the people he has encountered, and even his wife seems different from what he thought she was. And Henry Pecket learns an invaluable lesson, that God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.

The Film “Wake Up and Dream” was made in 1946 and based on the novel “The Enchanted Voyage.”

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“Yet all those qualities that have set Robert Nathan apart as a master of his art are here. The clear, exquisite prose, the gentle melancholy, the pure joy, the irony. It is the kind of irony, it sometimes seems that God must exercise when contemplating us. ‘The Enchanted Voyage,’ like everything that Mr. Nathan has done, is enchanting enough for this alone.”

Lucy Tompkins
New York Times