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An elderly music teacher MR. PEMBAUER has long since abandoned his dreams of fame for a simpler life. One of his clients, MISS GROGARTY, a well-known stage actress, realizes her youthful days in the spotlight are numbered. She’s having a love affair with wealthy industrialist, MR. HEAVENSTREET, and secretly longs to be taken care of. Heavenstreet’s own wife secretly shares the desire for her husband to care for her, but he’s unaware of her longings, as Mrs. Heavenstreet masks her desires with a facade of outspoken social activism.  Mr. Pembauer also observes another love triangle, as MRS. CONNOR, (Miss Grogarty’s housekeeper) becomes smitten with MR. GAMBRINO, the proprietor of a local carousel. But does he love her, or does he just want her life savings, to improve his life?  ‘The Orchid’ examines the roller coaster and universal longing to find fulfillment through love.



“There is the delicate, pervasive satire, which seems to come, not from savage indignation like most satire, but from a mind so just that it necessarily sees the ridiculous for what it is. There is also a gentle melancholy running through the book, in spite of, or rather because of, the humor; for everything that makes vulgar laugh cannot but make the judicious grieve.”

Basil Davenport
Saturday Review of Literature