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Christmas is coming, and two inept angels in waiting,¬†SAINT ODULE and BLESSED PIERRE,¬†eager to get their wings, attempt to impress God by coming to Earth and preaching love. Through a twist and turn they end up at a house of ill repute, (The Rancho of the Little Loves) just outside of Las Vegas, where they meet the lovely CONCHITA, a prostitute with only one customer, ROBERT TEARGARDEN, who she is secretly in love with. Our fable unfolds, when our ‘want to be’ angels play cupid, while a casino heist plays out, with wise guys lurking in a place ironically known as Sin City.


“Handsomely bound and printed, charmingly illustrated by George Salter, ‘The Rancho of the Little Loves’ will delight Mr. Nathan’s host of admirers, and for readers who have yet to discover him (if there are any) it should serve as a perfect introduction.”

Dan Wickenden
New York Herald Tribune