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A routine visit to the doctor comes with a death sentence for MINERVA PARKINSON. Her vanilla life and passionless marriage, surprisingly gives her resolve and a plan. She won’t tell her husband HENRY that she’s dying, and instead will take him on one last great adventure, a riverboat trip down the Missouri, to reinvigorate their love. They set off, with Minerva’s amorous goal unfolding, when they are unexpectedly joined by two strangers. A young woman named NORA and a mysterious man named MR. MORTIMER, who we quickly find out is DEATH in human form. He is there to take her, when a newfound fighting spirit gives Minerva the strength to challenge him. She will go to the other side, but ‘only’ after their journey is over, and her objective completed. Mortimer is inexplicably touched by her free will and agrees. As the expedition continues Minerva becomes aware of an attraction between Nora and Henry and pushes aside her jealousy to focus on what will make Henry happy when she is gone. Minerva’s selfless approach to love expands Mortimer’s growing attraction of the human condition, and in the end, Minerva’s call to death is a journey of self-discovery, of finding an inner resolve, and ultimately, how she confronts death, stronger than she faced life.


This novel is available to read as an eBook from Amazon, Barns & nNoble, Kobo and ITunes. 


“This is pure Nathan: smooth, unpretentious, dove-colored writing, the satire gentle, the fantasy controlled.”

John Woodburn
Saturday Review of Literature