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19-year-old LOUISA and her seven-year-old brother JERI have escaped to the US from war-torn Poland in the early 1940’s. They make their way to Truro on Cape Cod, as Louisa has always wanted to live by the sea. They are befriended by a local family, the BAGHOT’S who rent them space on an old scow, and Louisa finds a burgeoning romance with MR. SMITH, a local teacher. Their new life is a big adjustment. Back in Poland, they were of noble blood and lived in a castle before they lost their parents and home in the war. In spite of her entitled past, Louisa works hard to ensure her family’s survival through fishing and foraging. The simple life is hard, but Louisa and Jeri are grateful. The promise of a new beginning in America is enough.


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‘The Sea-Gull Cry’ tells a tale that will hold you until the last page is turned. It will hold you because of Nathan’s rare art of drawing you into his own mood of tender contemplation of human beings and because you cannot let them go until you know what happens to them… And you will decide that this is more than a tender little love story exquisitely written; that it is a tale of exile and valor and spiritual rebellion that has more than surface significance.”

Rose Feld
New York Times