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A dreamy single mother becomes entranced by her neighbor, an aging poet, and his reflections of the life he and his best friend shared in New York City during the 1930’s. As the young woman becomes consumed by these stories, she falls in love with the poet’s best friend, travels back in time, and ‘joins’ him in another dimension.

This beautifully written love story is an example of Nathan’s signature theme, and the element of time. That yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all spread out in the pattern of eternity, and that although love may wear many faces, in the incomprehensible panorama of time, in the heart that loves it is always the same.


“As a lyricist, there is no one now writing with whom he (Nathan) can be compared. Beneath that appearance of simplicity which is proper to lyrics and that lightness of touch which illumines rather than dramatizes, he has probed again and again the joy and the grief, the fear and the courage, the absurdity and the mystery of the heart.”

Virginia Peterson
New York Times