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Three men meet on their way across the River Jordan during their journey toward the afterlife and can’t wait to meet their dead relatives. GEORGE WUTHRIDGE, an aging professor, WILLIAM MEIGGS, a boy of eighteen, and MR. LEWIS, a Jew who converted to Protestantism.  All three men eventually discover that this “Heaven” leaves a lot to be desired.  Mr. Lewis can’t find any family members or relatives. George becomes annoyed by his mother, MATILDA, and her immature ways, since she enjoys the rivalry between her husband and another man who lives with them, as they childishly vie for her affections. William discovers that his mother EMMA, is just as inattentive a mother as she was in life. They are all upset by the sterile tone of the afterlife that seems devoid of passion, though Mr. Lewis learns of genuine faith. The story creates a thoughtful and sometimes, satirical, examination of faith, family and spirituality, and that life is all we have for certain, and we must make the most of it.



“In it we still admire the charm with which he imbues his prose: the combination of subtlety and simplicity which makes his style at once so clear and yet so expressive of deep mutations; yet it is not for these, primarily, that ‘There Is Another Heaven’ gives us such keen enjoyment. That enjoyment comes from the mood which, with delicious irony, gives color and substance to the most prevalent craving in human experience.”

Boston Transcript