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During the filming of “Sleeping Beauty,” various love entanglements are manipulated by a creepy director who may be the Devil himself.

On the set of a Hollywood production of “Sleeping Beauty,” a young and naive member of the crew ALBERT develops a crush on ANNA, an attractive but shy young woman from the commissary. Unfortunately for Albert, Anna has already captured the interest of the movie’s vain star JOHN ANDERSON which frustrates his lover and co-star, the insecure but self-absorbed VENUS LAVERNE. Though John initially sweeps Anna off her feet, she soon realizes that they have little in common. After she spends some time in John’s trailer, Albert becomes despondent, wondering what really happened between the two of them. Meanwhile, Venus endeavors to make John jealous so she can win him back. The entire twisted affair is witnessed and manipulated by MR. VARITY, the creepy ex-director of the movie. He conceals his sinister motives and his unnatural obsession with Anna’s innocence. With his deft blend of satire, romance, and a touch of the supernatural, Robert Nathan carves out an amusing and moving love story about the triumph of innocence over cynicism.