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A delightful social satire about archeologists from a future Africa who unearth remnants of an extinct, unknown people they call the “US.”


Sometime around 7856, an archeological dig uncovers an ancient, unknown people. Parts of a large statue, a goddess or giantess are found. The discovery team thinks it was called “Libby.” An ancient coin is unearthed with the faint inscription “In God we…” The team of excavators wonders if they only prayed to one god? In another location, a fascinating discovery is made. An ancient tribe named the “dodgers,” apparently vanished from the East Coast while attempting to set up a “home base” or “pennant” in the West. Another team finds a large, battered metal cylinder, etched in a mysterious sign: “Budweiser.” Through all the discoveries to come, the satiric and clever Robert Nathan makes us wonder what the future may think of its past.

“A satire with a moral, both barbed and amusing.”