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An Angel comes down from Heaven to help a disheartened and workaholic Bishop build a Cathedral and ends up falling in love with his wife.

The film “The Bishop’s Wife” starring Cary Grant was nominated for Best Picture in 1947 and received five Academy Award nominations. It was remade into “The Preacher’s Wife” starring Denzel Washington in 1996.

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“Mr. Nathan’s method of approach is the way of the goldfinch with the thistledown, or of the unconcerned robin guilelessly cocking his head before the peck. Moreover the words that he uses are as cobwebs that catch the dew of his thought delicately patterned filaments exactly adequate to the burden glistening upon them. In short, to say that ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ has beauty, charm, wit, and wisdom is not to over praise the book.”

Grace Frank
Saturday Review of Literature