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Romance had long ago become a shadow for the painter MAX LOEB, that is – until one star-blown night when HALYS, a wisp of a girl, entered his life unexpectedly and refreshed his lost spring. Drawn by the fragile beauty of her face, and touched by her loneliness, Max brings Haleys to his studio in Santa Monica. What follows on the arrival of this strange young women, has a lasting effect on the lives of Max’s landlady. MRS. BLOEMENDAL, a widow, and his only pupil, JON, a talented young artist; and also, perhaps to an even greater degree, on Max himself. How he once again discovers the renaissance of dreams is the tale of this bittersweet story.


The film “Color of Evening” was made in 1994 starring Martin Landau & Ellen Burstyn.


“In Nathan’s words there is the essence of the craving of age for lost youth, of youth’s call to youth, of the stultifying power of circumstances. The novel is beautifully written. For those who do their dreaming in their waking hours, it is a subtle, delicate, charming story of love.”

Fanny Butcher
Chicago Sunday Tribune