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In this fantasy/comedy, two love stories takes place in a New York apartment building, when an elderly puppeteer, PAPA JONAS watches his assistant, CHRISTOPHER LANE court upstairs neighbor MARY HOLLY, while another love story plays out between a puppet and ragdoll, MISTER ARISTOTLE and ANNABELLE LEE. As Mary and Christopher’s relationship unfolds and they fall in love, the ‘marriage’ between the Mister Aristotle and Annabelle Lee ends in a disconsolate puppet suicide.


“The rarity of the comic spirit in our fiction should make us prize its infrequent expression, and we should welcome the novel that neither flatters nor indicts us but invites us to observe ourselves with a little wholesome amusement. Such a book is ‘The Puppet Master,’ in which imagination and insight, sympathy and humor have collaborated to produce a story with the accent of fantasy and the warm humanity of comedy.”

Lloyd Morris
New York Times