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An older man plays cupid as his teenage granddaughter discovers love for the first time. The grandfather, HENRY tells the story, and without once describing himself, the picture is a clearly defined one. The story of his problems with an interfering and conventional sister, a precise and unique secretary, a young German exile, ERIC on whom he took pity, and his beloved grandchild, ELLEN who has her first case of violent calf love is told with shy humor, charm and a persuasive quality that gets under the skin.


“Robert Nathan continues to go against the tide. In an era of sea-level realism, he continues to observe, and to look to, some heights of experience that make the motions of living more than endurable… Whether or not Mr. Nathan’s readers will be sorry to see him depart from the spun-glass world of ‘The Fiddler in Barly,’ ‘Jonah,’ ‘The Enchanted Voyage’ and similar fantasies is not to be determined at this advanced date. But they can be assured that as a story-teller of astonishing deftness and design and humanity their author has not changed.”

Stanley Young
New York Times